Lighting Systems from Bright Green Technology

Our partnership with Bright Green Technology allows us to access specialist lighting products and expertise.  A market leader in architectural lighting, Bright Green Technology has worked on the most challenging projects and the most iconic locations; including Heathrow airport, the New York subway and Wembley stadium.  There is a complete range of innovative products, an experienced engineering team and a strong commitment to customer support.

Architectural projects are often highly sophisticated, with smart lighting control or RGB programming.  Our supply chain partnerships allow us to supply the lighting, the control system and the expertise.  An end to end service for illuminated stretch ceilings.

In addition, we can help with lighting simulation, software programming, addressing and commissioning.  We have extensive experience of everything from simple, stand-alone dimming to giant DALI and DMX systems.

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Premium performance with the PRO Range

The PRO range is our premium performance LED range, with leading CRI, R9, binning and a 7 year warranty.

The colour rendition of LEDs is measured by the Colour Rendition Index (CRI).  Standard LEDs have a restricted spectrum leading to poor rendition of colour.  In addition, standard LEDs tend to have an incomplete red spectrum, leading to flat rendition of flesh tones and other red based colours.  This is known as low R9.  The impact of low CRI and R9 is usually apparent when lighting colour senstive environments such as retail display and colour sensitive architectural  materials.

LEDs from our PRO Range have a more complete spectrum, a higher CRI and a minimum R9 of 90.  The PRO Range helps you to specify a consistent and premium quality range of architectural lighting. Performance is consistent across all the products and represents state of the art LED technology.

Defined by a very high CRI, minimum R9 value, extended warranty and advanced performance features, PRO Range LEDs have a more complete colour spectrum, with a very wide band from 2200 to 6500K.

This premium performance and consistency across product forms makes the PRO range a sensible, low risk choice for retail and  architectural lighting schedules.

We will help you decide whether the PRO Range is the right choice for your project.

PRO v Standard Performance Comparison

Every PRO Range product has:

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Colour Temperature Options

Colour temperature is fundamental to LED lighting design and there is a wide range of options available.  The standard range is 2200K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white) which can be extended with customised production.

Colour temperature is usually expressed as a single, specified temperature.  However, it’s critical that the range is also considered so that consistency is maintained across the project.  This can be in terms of a LED bin or other measures such as the McAdam elipse.

LED Binning table diagram
Shows positve impact of LED colour temperature
DWGrid Barrisol Power Control

Tuneable White

Dynamic White allows continuous colour temperature adjustment to suit a particular environment, task or mood – all adjusted remotely with the minimum of complexity. Lighting systems can be controlled with either a simple touch wheel remote control, or more sophisticated DALI/DMX devices with Bluetooth or WiFi.

The benefits of tuneable white lighting are well documented.  By programming the LED illumination to mimic the colour temperature and intensity of natural light, the impact of artificial lighting can be minimised.  Our systems automatically adjust to time, date and location to simplify the install.

LED Dynamic White Charts


RGB LED illuminated stretch ceilings deliver maximum creative impact.  Installing RGB and RGBW (red, green, blue + white) lighting allows a wide range of controlled lighting effects.

Lighting control can be anything from a simple hand-held remote control to a complex, programmed DMX system remotely accessible through the internet.

Bright Green Space has a complete range of RGBW luminaires, control systems and luminaires, together with extensive RGBW experience in retail and architectural installs.


Product Range

Bright Green Grid


A modular tile system for backlighting areas that require high brightness at restricted depth.

Bright Green Matrix family


Bright Green Matrix is a modular, linear LED system, designed for backlighting.  The simple product design makes it extremely cost effective and highly reliable.

DMX lighting control rack

Lighting Control and LED Drivers

A range of LED drivers and lighting control hardware. Including DALI/DMX and specific push-dim tuneable white power supplies.